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Welcome to the home of tattoos. Since 2015 we have been sharing tattoos designs and images on Instagram from different artists and models. Now, we put all of that together on this website.

Look back on some of the best designs of body art, find the best treatments for your new (and not that new) tattoos, or find artists near your city to get your next appointment.

The best tattoos collection in the world. All of that, and more, on this website!

Intro tattoo
Intro tattoo
Intro tattoo

The word “tattoo” derives from the Polynesian word “ta” (“to strike”), which describes the sound of a tattooing spike being knocked on skin. The first recorded references to the word “tattoo” is in the papers of Joseph Banks (1743-1820), a naturalist aboard Captain Cook’s ship. Before Captain Cook brought the word to Europe, tattoos in the West were known as “prics” or “marks.”


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They show that you are a bad ass and that you are a master of your fears. They compliment your style and your way of living. This is our way to show our gratitude trough bad ass jewelry and watches. This is our invite to you to join our family of the undaunted.

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Sullen Clothing

CA, USA | Worldwide shipping

Established in Huntington Beach, CA. early in 2001, Sullen got it’s start from being heavily influenced by Southern California beach culture and tattoo inspired art. With a strong focus on ideals and practices of modern tattooers, Sullen evolved from a small group of art driven tattooers and artists into a world renowned “Art Collective". As a whole, the “Collective” is drawn to the idea that art of all forms should be promoted, while related ideas should be shared for the world to learn from.

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Redbeard Irons

Ukraine | Worldwide shipping

High-quality tattoo stuff: tattoo machines (induction and rotary), power equipment, in stock and on order. Flexible system of discounts. Worldwide shipment.
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Polynesian tattooing as it existed before the arrival of Europeans in the South Pacific was the most intricate and skillful tattooing in the ancient world.


The best tattoo professional from all over the world.

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Andrei Aivazian

Tiflis, Georgia

Andrei has been drawing since school, it often happened that instead of lessons, he sat and drew with a pen on the skin. He always liked how a tattoo looked on the skin. He studied drawing for a long time, which allowed him to meet very good tattoo masters who taught him how to translate correctly paper drawing into the skin. For 12 years now he has been tattooing.
His talent and his passion has become his profession.

Andrei's tattoo art work
Andrei's tattoo art work
Andrei's tattoo art work
Andrei's tattoo art work
Andrei's tattoo art work
Andrei's tattoo art work

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Carlos Fabra - CosaFina Tattoo

Barcelona, Spain

Carlos started to draw when he was just a kid. His talent allowed him to win several local drawing prizes, that made him focus on these abilities. Some years later, he started tattooing as an independent tattooist.
His great drawings and his will to always learn more gave him more and more clients, until he decided to open his own tattoo studio. Today, he works in CosaFina Tattoo Studio, where he offers the highest quality black and white tattoos.


Carlos' tattoo art work
Carlos' tattoo art work
Carlos' tattoo art work
Carlos' tattoo art work
Carlos' tattoo art work
Carlos' tattoo art work

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Quarto Mundo

São Paulo, Brazil

We develop exclusive works with dedication and respect for clients who value their own bodies.
Tattoo studio composed by Júlio Loureiro, Rodrigo Soares and Giroto Piercings.

Quarto Mundo's tattoo art work
Quarto Mundo's tattoo art work
Quarto Mundo's tattoo art work
Quarto Mundo's tattoo art work
Quarto Mundo's tattoo art work
Quarto Mundo's tattoo art work

UV tattoos are created with ink that is completely invisible in normal daylight but glows brightly under ultraviolet light.


Our special collection of tattoos images. The best of the best.

lion back tattoo
Artist @andrefelipetattoos
Models @leon68yaki & @clint_chadwick
Lion arm tattoo
Artist @mike_cruz87
Fully tattooed girl
Model @angela_mazzanti
Leg tattoo
Artist @fabio_tattooartist
Back tattoos
Artist @davidtaute_blackandgrey

Early tattoo methods included using chisels, rakes, or picks. Soot-covered thread was also used. The thread would be sewn through the skin.